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Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Art Week brings together Dubai’s thriving creative industries into a week-long celebration of arts and culture.

1x1 Gallery 

Alserkal Avenue

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1x1 Gallery 

  • 1x1 Gallery Warehouse B10, Alserkal Avenue Dubai UAE (map)

1x1 Gallery

Sleepless Constellations, Curated by Salima Hashmi


That the sleepless constellation of pain will now sink beneath the sight

              And the bright light will dawn to quell the restlessness of eyes.


                                                                                Faiz Ahmed Faiz


The works in Sleepless Constellations are by seven artists who inhabit the imagination: securing spaces for rumination and perpetual questioning. They offer no answers, only flashes of solace. They are a diverse group of mid-career artists and emergent young artists who display great promise and a profound sense of purpose. The works include paintings videos, ceramics, lenticular prints and sculptural installations. In times such as ours, beset with pain encountered every moment, it is difficult to look beyond our daily lives to the cosmos and it's compelling infinities. The cosmos invites one to 'cultivate courage in order to confront a world that is harsh, indigent and cold' to quote Bachelard. How does one become 'an inhabitant of the world, in spite of the world'?'It is only through the creation of poetic images, which give boundless possibilities of befriending those without hope, that we can identify pathways to resistance and ensure survival of the spirit.


Celebrating two decades of presenting Indian Modern and Contemporary Art to the UAE, 1X1 Art Gallery founded by Malini Gulrajani in 1996 is now based in a 7500 sq. ft. warehouse in Alserkal Avenue. As an important platform for both established and emerging artists, 1X1 supports its programme through structured collaborations with local and international galleries, art fairs, and museums as well as independent curators and art organisations. Publications form an integral part of 1X1’s programme, both documenting its exhibitions and promoting partnerships with art writers and cultural activators. 1X1's exhibition schedule has recently witnessed an active inclusion of Emirati and Middle East based artists.


Artists: Moonis Ahmed, Julius John Alam, Farida Batool, Faiza Butt, Asif Khan, Naiza Khan, Ghulam Muhammad


Image caption:

Farida Batool, Yoonhi koi chalte chalte, 2016, lenticular, 91 x 121 cm



Event Information:

10 March - 30 April 2017

Location: Warehouse B10, Alserkal Avenue

Open: Saturdays – Thursdays, 10:00 – 19:00, 13 March 2017 until 22:00

+971 4341 1287


Special event:

15 March 2017


Talk: Myth, Women & the State: Talk by Salima Hashmi, Faiza Butt, Naiza Khan and Farida Batool at1x1 Gallery | Warehouse 10

Earlier Event: March 9
Later Event: March 12