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Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Art Week brings together Dubai’s thriving creative industries into a week-long celebration of arts and culture.

Christine Tohme

Christine Tohme

Curator, Sharjah Biennial 13 

Tamawuj – an Arabic word translated as ‘the rising and falling of waves’, ‘a flowing, swelling, surging or fluctuation’ and ‘a wavy, undulating appearance, outline or form’. Sharjah Biennial 13 is a proposition for how we could rethink this infrastructure called the biennial, and whether we can rearrange parts of it to come up with a slightly adjusted whole.

Collaborations and friendships are at the heart of what I do. These localities – (Sharjah, Dakar, Istanbul, Ramullah and Beirut) were not selected for some geopolitical qualities, but rather because of certain people working in these cities, with whom I share a common history and a common vision.