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Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Art Week brings together Dubai’s thriving creative industries into a week-long celebration of arts and culture.

Cristiana De Marchi

Cristiana De Marchi

Curator, Is Old Gold? and Homage Without a Homage

Hassan Sharif was a man of extraordinary talent, intelligence and irony. Honesty is one of the most important teachings that I hope the younger generation of artists could learn from him, the importance of staying true to one's vision and position, without compromising.

There is a dangerous tendency to re-write history according to political agendas that omit, reshape and beautify the past, thus creating an even greater disconnect between the older and younger generations.

This Art Week several exhibitions explore and reflect on the origins of conceptual art in the UAE and the gap between generations. I hope they engage the audience in a conversation that will lead to further investigation and research.