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Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Art Week brings together Dubai’s thriving creative industries into a week-long celebration of arts and culture.

Maya Allison

Maya Allison
Founding Director of The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery and Chief Curator of NYU Abu Dhabi    


 Community plays a crucial role in the development of every artist. They learn from their peers and rely on an exchange of ideas. The circumstances of being an artist in the UAE have changed dramatically in the last 30 years. With individual fame, is too easy to lose sight of the roots that go deep into their community.

I believe that art communicates on its own terms, separate from what the artist intends. The curator must be able to distinguish between the two perspectives. However, the artist interview can initiate a curator’s most profound engagement with an artist and their work. It enables the curator to trace the many influences on an artist and to better position their work in a larger art historical context.